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Welcome to the ABC Web Biz's Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to the common questions asked about our services.

How long will it take for my web hosting account to be set up?

If your account is automatically approved, your machine user will be created and ready for uploading within 15 minutes of you signing up! If your account is not automatically approved, it will be within at most 24 hours.
It will take a little bit longer for your domain name to actually work on the web though! New domain registrations and DNS transfers typically take 24-48 hours to work while the DNS propogates across the Internet.

How long will it take for my new domain name to become active?

New domain registrations and DNS transfers typically take 24-48 hours to work while the DNS propogates across the Internet.

Can I buy a domain name, but not buy web hosting?


How can I pay for my web hosting account or domain name?

You may remit payment via U.S. mail by forwarding a cashier's check, personal check or money order and with a credit card or e-check via PayPal.  Your account is activated upon receipt of cleared funds.

Can I have a free trial of a web hosting account?

Definitely.  All of our web hosting accounts come with a 45-day money back guarantee.  You can also test drive how the cPanel works with all web hosting accounts by clicking here before you go through the entire ordering and sign-up process.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes.  ABC Web Biz uses the popular WHMCS, which is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution that keeps track of all of your invoices and allows you to contact our technical ticket support system 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Do you host adult or warez websites?

Yes we do host, and allow hosting of, adult sites on our servers.  However, we do not allow hosting of Warez websites.  If we find them in your directory or links to them, your entire account will be subject to termination. For more information, please review our Terms of Service.

What is the speed of your network?

ABC Web Biz's network infrastructure equipment includes high performance gear from Arista Networks, Arbor Networks, Brocade, Juniper and CISCO. To ensure low latency and high throughput we equip each of our geographically diverse facilities with massive bandwidth capacity. Also, we utilize a wide array of network carriers including Level 3, nLayer, Comcast, and Cogent Communications.

How is bandwidth usage calculated?

How much is 1 MB? Every time someone views your web page all of the data (html code, text, graphics, etc.) within the page must be transferred from your web server, into the visitor's computer, via the internet where it is viewed by a web browser.  As a result, the amount of data transfer a hosting customer uses is related to the number of visitors to their site, multiplied by the size of their web pages. Graphics and other multimedia files account for the vast majority of data transfer used. This becomes apparent when you consider that the average text page consists of only of about 5 Kb of data, while images can be as large as 50-200 Kb in size -- and many images are often incorporated into each web page. Flash files are often very large, along with audio and video files. Live audio and video feeds can also be bandwidth hogs. A 3 minute MP3 file equals appx. 3 megs per view! Bandwidth data transfer to a large degree are synonymous. 3 major factors to take into account:
1. The amount of traffic you receive
2. The size of your site
3. The types of files offered on your site.

How is transfer measured?
Formula: page size x page views X 30days=Bandwidth Transfer Page size:You have 10KB of text,60 KB of gifs would equal a per page size of 70K. Page views: you have 60 vistors that look at 4 pages per day equals 240 views a day. 70x240x30(days)=504,000 kb or approximately 504 mb, of bandwidth each month.(10 megs gets 1 gig(1000mb) of transfer per mo.)

One kilobyte (KB) is equal to 1,024 bytes.
One megabyte (MB) is equal to appx. 1,000 kilobytes
One megabyte is equal to 1,048,576 bytes
One gigabyte (GB) is equal to appx. 1,000 megabytes.
One terabytes (TB) is equal to appx. 1,000 gigabytes

How do I add additional IP addresses? Is there an upgrade fee?

Contact technical support and we will work with you to create one.  An additional fee is incurred for a dedicated IP. A dedicated IP is necessary if you want to be able to view your site via http://IP instead of http://IP/~username/ before your domain resolves. 

Once your domain resolves to our servers, there is no difference between dedicated IP and non-dedicated IP accounts.  Also if you like to use private SSL, you are required to have one dedicated IP to install private SSL.  If you need a dedicated IP, please open a ticket at ABC Web Biz's sales department.

Can I create mail accounts on my server? What software is included for mail?

To create an email account log in to your control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/) and go to the Mail Section->Email Accounts.  Once you are in the Email Accounts section you can easily add/remove email accounts.  ABC Web Biz offers Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube for email access.

What is your uptime guarantee?

ABC Web Biz offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  Periodically, we do conduct server maintenance.  Planned server maintenance does not count as downtime.  Just because your website does not work, this does not mean your server has downtime.  As long as the server is available to deliver your content, then the guarantee is met. It is your responsibility to have working content.

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