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Strategies To Drive Web Site Traffic

We at SBC recognize that the creation of a compelling website is a significant hurdle for any small business to jump. And if you have successfully launched your company's web site or re-booted an existing one - then we applaud your herculean efforts. In order to build a larger audience and gain new customers you must insure that your web presence is seen - which means - devising a strategy that insures the constant stream of unique visitors.

We all agree that your company's goals - simply stated - are to increase sales and leads. And to do so you must drive traffic to your site. In order to simplify your marketing efforts we have highlighted four (4) tactics that our clients have used to effectively drive web site traffic:


A great starting place is to take an honest appraisal of your web site to determine if SEO can work for you. In case you didn't know, SEO is a combination of two factors: on-site content and off-site link backs. That means that your website content should be SEO friendly, with titles and headers that incorporate popular search terms so people can find your content, and you should get as many reputable websites as possible to link back and reference your site so your search ranking improves. We suggest that you initially focus of the following four (4) elements to improve your on-site content: (1) clear and concise titles, (2) optimized web site images, (3) targeted keyword URLs and (4) sharable and quality content.

Search engines feed off of the words used on your site and blog, so you must ensure that you regularly update both with keyword optimized, relevant content. Having an easy to navigate, well designed site, with fresh content being added on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that you climb through top search engines.


Another avenue to drive traffic to your site that we, at SBC, have seen work for our clients is the creation of promotions. These tend to cause great activity for the duration of the promotion. Afterwards, the traffic levels off, but you will gain a portion of the traffic that will return regularly to your site. You can also use promotions to drive traffic to your site, then present them with a newsletter or opt in mailing list to join. A newsletter is one of the easiest ways to promote your affiliate programs, and you can increase your mailing list by thousands with successful promotions. Free giveaways are always successful promotions, and you can ensure that traffic to your site will significantly increase when running a free giveaway.


A third option that is frequently used to drive traffic to sites is Per Click advertising. With PPC advertising, you pay to ensure that visitors click on ads that take them to your site. This is advantageous over other forms of advertising, as it ensures that you only pay if someone visits your site, not if your ad was reloaded on a page.


And for those with a knack for technology then Social Media offers a great way of getting your name out there and helping people discover your posts and products. RSS feeds, social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and blogging can all be considered a part of social media. Utilizing many of these outlets and channels can help you reach a larger audience and help promote your content when users share and distribute your content. Make it easy for people to share the content on your site. Have "buttons" or links to help people who come to your site drive even more traffic to your site, by sharing your content on Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

Ultimately, the success of any campaign relies on a business owner creating compelling content that delivers solid messaging and is consistently communicated to existing and prospective customers. To learn more about how your business can benefit from digital marketing services that deliver tangible results contact us at www.smallbusinesscenter.biz

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